As attendees of last weekend’s lockdown protest in Sydney continue to be identified by the over 10,000 people who made tip-offs, some protestors can’t help wondering if they could have avoided identification by wearing a facemask.

Most notably amongst the protests were those taking place in the Sydney CBD, the capital of a state seemingly content with a semi-lockdown which is going about as well as any infrastructure the Gold Standard state puts forward.

Last weekend’s lockdown protest in one of the one of the most privileged cities in the world featured appearances from former athletes, private educators and was backed by a variety of sitting MPs and senators that you would never talk to at a BBQ. 

Aside from hotlines allowing those doing the right thing to dob in their cousin, police are using CCTV footage and social media to identify anti-lockdown protestors with 100s of fines given out at the time of writing.

One protest attendee who would prefer to remain anonymous, but would like you to follow them on Instagram @simsy_real_healing, states that although he is an anti-sheeple advocate, wearing a facemask could have really helped him not get identified by police after Saturday’s protest.

Preparing to go again, the man says he’s not sure what to do today.

“They used my social media presence against me,” stated the protestor, as he considered how easily he could have avoided a fine by wearing a mask, or God forbid, not attend a protest during lockdown.

“I can’t just delete my social media, that’s where I do all my research.”

“Maybe I’ll where one today.”


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