With NSW lockdown now likely extending well into the third Berijiklian dynasty, many of the state’s residents have been finding hope in the most unlikely of places.

One such resident is Deandra Wilks of Sydney’s North Shore (25) whose usual apathy regarding literally every person she knows getting married and having kids has been replaced by the lack of faith in her state government to get her to Byron by summer.

Another change in the psyche of young Wilks has come in the form of an actual appreciation for her former classmates’ constant stream of baby photos on social media that have provided her with a rare smile while locked down in her parents house, which should be noted has Foxtel and a heated pool.

“The shit they put on kid’s clothing is way funnier than when I was a kid. That’s adorable, that’s the future, that’s hope,” stated Wilks, looking at the photo of a child of a girl who used to bully her at school.

“But look at that, they are way happier watching Bluey than I’ve been in the past 16 months. That’s longer than they’ve been alive. Fark.” 

Although during non-pandemic times Wilks has stated she does not enjoy photos of her peers’ “drooling fart machines posing next to cards that state how long they have survived for,” she is willing to admit they are providing a lot more comfort than hearing the NSW cricket scores of daily new COVID cases.

In a not too distant future, Wilks will likely be one of millions diagnosed with social media addiction, but even her constant need to scroll through her feed was uncharacteristically interrupted by the sight of her friend’s baby rocking a pair of tiny, pinchable, chubby legs.

“Look at those cheeks, sooooo cute. She doesn’t even know there is a pandemic on, bless her.”

“I’d say they’d have it easier than us but with the way things are going, working right up until the day they die at a Thunderdome ticket stand is probably the best case scenario for a lot of them. All while renting too mind you.” 



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