Even with the Sydney police today announcing yet another investigation into the alleged sex crimes of yet another sitting NSW Coalition MP, Gladys Berejiklian doesn’t seem to be too stressed out.

The NSW premier just had to front a press conference to say she’s concerned and distressed by the police investigation into her frontbencher Gareth Ward – the second MP to face such allegations since that sicko from the Upper Hunter plunged her party into a marginal by-election.

The Kiama MP denies any wrongdoing but has since stepped aside as families, communities and disability services minister.

However, even with all these alleged sex crimes and the blatant corruption exposed in weekly ICAC inquiries, the NSW Opposition have not been able to move the dial by even a millimetre.

The Betoota Advocate hit the streets in NSW to figure out if any of these alleged sex crimes and extremely corrupt 2nd airport property deals have done anything to sway their vote towards NSW Labor.

“I didn’t think we had a Labor party” said Brenda (33), a hairdresser from Robertson.

“What do you mean? There’s ANOTHER party?” says Kraihg (45) a builder from Dee Why.

Even after the disgraced former state MP Daryl Maguire admitted to the NSW corruption watchdog that he accepted “thousands of dollars” as part of a cash-for-visa scheme, it seems that no voters in NSW view Jodi Mckay and her Labor comrades as an alternative.

“Where the fuck are they?” asks Giovanni (49) a cabinetmaker from Queanbeyan.

“I didn’t even see them on the ticket I don’t think”

Belindha (62, factory worker) from Raymond Terrace has no idea who any of the NSW shadow cabinet ministers are.

And quite frankly she doesn’t want to know, because she’s content with the Sex Crimes And Blatant Corruption Party

“Yeah all these concerning police investigations are bad.. But like, who else is there?”

“Shooters and fishers?”

“Maybe if they changed their name to The Shooters & Fishers and No Tolls Party”


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