Like many people in Melbourne, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is unfortunately learning the hard way that lockdowns are actually very effective at stopping the spread of community transmissions, and that it’s very important to take them seriously.

Yesterday, Victoria recorded 29 new active cases – today they recorded 19.

After less than a week of enjoying freedom, the southerners are back in lockdown – because unfortunately they didn’t move quick enough on this outbreak that nobody knew about until 72 hours ago.

Melbourne now knows they should not be complacent when in comes to lockdowns – which they sadly have a reputation for.

As of today’s press conference, there are now 150 exposure sites linked to the state’s Delta outbreak, and six school communities are in quarantine.

This wouldn’t be the case if Melbourne went into the current lockdown earlier, when they were still recording zero cases per day and thought they had beat this virus for the 6th time.

It’s disheartening news for the city that must once again stay indoors due to the spread of this delta variant that no one in the world has been able to beat without a Federal Government that is capable of administering a sufficient supply of jabs to their entire population without any hurdles that see their roll-out being delayed by 6 months.

Andrews has announced Victorians aged 18 to 39 will be able to access their jabs from selected mass vaccination hubs from Monday, bolstering the existing access through GP clinics.

But until then they just need to take lockdowns seriously like NSW and QLD has.

The rest of the country, who actually understand how to manage outbreaks, are very disappointing that they haven’t been doing that.


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