A local bloke has today surprised himself by remembering a few lines of code from his RAWR era.

Dean Paytas [26] was allegedly tasked with uploading some blogs for one of his digital marketing clients when he found himself having trouble segmenting paragraphs on the front end of WordPress.

Despite pressing the enter bar numerous times, the paragraphs insisted on clumping together whenever he refreshed the browser.

He’d almost called out to one of the web developers, when a memory burst from the deepest corner of his brain, whispering ‘<p> ;</p>’

As he’d entered the code into the backend, Dean had been pleasantly surprised to see the page doing exactly what he wanted it to – and even more surprised when he remembered the link code as well, which he’d only ever used to add music files on his Myspace page.

Humming to himself, ‘The Take over, the Breaks Over’ as he types the code into the backend, Dean enjoys his brief burst of nostalgic happiness before returning to his numbing existence as a process worker.

More to come.


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