Local woman Elena Manners has today been brought to breaking point, after spending days in her home alone.

The confessed extravert has reportedly been struggling with the restrictions, as the loss of income and lack of human connection has already taken a toll on her mental health.

Though the last lockdown saw her frantically cutting her fringe in the middle of the night, Elena’s current manic episode has taken a different turn – deleting Instagram from her phone.

For some reason, whenever Elena is feeling overwhelmed or on the brink of a mental breakdown, her coping mechanism appears to be either uninstalling her social media apps or temporarily deleting all profiles. A tactic used to briefly disappear from the world and, at times, to get attention from concerned friends.

For this time’s mass app deletion, Elena has concluded that she relies on social media too much and needs to make better use of her time. A feeling that lasts for exactly 52 minutes, before Elena grows bored.

Busting out her laptop, Elena resorts to scrolling through her Instagram feed online whilst telling herself she’s technically not going back on her word.

More to come.


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