Betoota was treated to a boon from the heavens above last night as a mild fall of rain began right around the time everyone was getting into bed.

Following a day plagued with small talk about how this winter was different to the last one, many of the town’s residents tuned in for a bit of Olympics and enjoyed four of the three standard drinks they tell doctors they consume each week.

As the evening progressed and the jewel of the Diamantina settled down to cosy town, residents were treated to an absolute beauty as the pitter patter of rain floated down to say g’day.

“Oh yes,” grinned farmer Geoff Trainer, who would not be needing Kath & Kim in the background to get to sleep tonight.

“I literally just put my head on my pillow! What’s good for the sorghum is good for me!”

According to Trainer, the rain conveniently started falling right as he climbed into bed, starting with a sparse gentle teeter before giving away to a soothing cascade that whisked him away into a soft, gentle sleep. 

“I dreamed I was a fisherman on the lake where I was born, by a mountain that scraped the sky. And there were two suns blazing and they burned for me.”


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