Much like the majority of suppressed thespians, local Catholic schoolboy Terrin Williams (12) has dreams of one day being a star.

As part of the half-hearted local drama program and a participant in Eisteddfod, Terrin has a track record of using any opportunity to showcase his acting prowess.

Whether that be class presentations, singing a higher voice than everyone in the choir group, or making the daily mass readings far more theatrical than needed – much to the delight of his schoolmates, who all look forward to his turn.

Last week he had his whole grade singing and clapping like they do in American churches, before being ordered to run 10 laps of the football oval in school uniform.

His teacher Mr Broadbent is likely sick of his shit but doesn’t want to be the one to dampen his dreams, though he will put the foot down on any kind of accent.

“Let the people praise you, OH GOD let ALLLLL the people praise you,” he belts out while moving his hips like Michael Jackson.

Gesticulating wildly as he throws his voice through multiple octaves, Terrin is able to read on for a couple of more sentences before he is grabbed by the collar.

More to come.


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