It seems that even after 200 cumulative days in lockdown over the last 18 months, Melbourne residents are still not taking this thing seriously and need to take a good look at themselves.

Premier Dan Andrews has warned that the state’s 17th outbreak might spiral out of control, as Victoria records 55 new cases overnight, their second day in the 50s in a row.

Not even a month after celebrating zero new cases, Victorians have once again proven that they have the ability to undo all the good work that every other state achieved in suppressing this virus.

Because they simply don’t understand how important it is to take lockdowns seriously… That’s if they even want to stop the spread.

Just 25 of the cases recorded were quarantined during their infectious period, which simply just isn’t good enough. One would think that Victoria are actually getting quite complacent towards this virus, which remains a very real threat.

“Now, I have no restriction announcements to make, no rule changes to make today.” said Andrews, who obviously shares the same views as his voters when it comes to sneering at the importance of lockdowns.

The premier said public health officials were meeting later today, after a positive case at Shepparton had been reported this morning.

The fact that this virus how now spread from the city into the regional areas of Victoria speaks to how people from Melbourne still don’t understand that lockdowns are key to stopping the spread of this virus.

As the transmissions continue to travel further north, those living north of border and beyond hold great concerns about what will happen if this Melbourne outbreak spreads into New South Wales.


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