An office worker has today tried to evade the notice of her co-workers by tightly claw gripping a tampon on a dash to the bathroom, it’s reported. 

Anna Lawson [24] is said to have felt the tell-tale sign that aunty flo was making a visit when she was forced to fish around in her handbag without alerting a nearby male coworker.

However, as usual, the dress Anna was wearing failed to provide pockets nor were the sleeves long enough to provide adequate cover, resulting in her having to do some Criss Angel-like hand trickery to evade notice – especially as the item she was attempting to conceal was bright pink.

Taking time to extricate the item from her bag before slowly slipping her hand into her lap, Anna’s attempts to appear casual looked more like a first time drug dealer swapping pingers in a Macca’s car park.

Not that her eyes darting from side to side helped much either.

Speaking to our reporter Effie, Anna says she lives in fear of any of her male coworkers finding out she is human.

“I tried carrying my bag in once and that raised quite a lot of suspicion,” admits Anna.

“I suppose as a grown woman I shouldn’t have to hide the fact I have a period?”

“But I guess that indoctrinated shame runs deep.”

More to come.


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