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A semi-retired Betoota Grove couple welcomed their first grandchild into the world over the weekend and they’ve been doting on the little bundle of joy ever since.

Graham and Enola ‘Butter’ Rogers, both 68, took a break from manhandling their eldest son’s baby to speak to The Advocate about the joy pulsating throughout their bodies at the moment.

The couple spoke to The Advocate on the shared deck of their eldest child’s Betoota Ponds townhouse, which backs onto our reporter’s comically-appalling abode.

“Little Jessie was born at 3am on Sunday morning. 4125 grams! What a little cannonball!” said Graham.

“We’re just so happy,” added Butter.

“Our first grandchild. I’m and grandmother! We’ve been waiting an age for this. For Graham to settle down. He’s just put a deposit down and now he’s got the baby! Just fantastic.”

However, as the bubbly Butter ducked outside onto the deck for a bit of fresh air – provided by a delicious Red Rothman’s – she confided in our reporter regarding her fears for the future.

“The world is not the same as it was when I was having babies,” she said, coughing.

“You’ve got unchecked immigration, climate change, antibiotic resistance, the death of bees, permafrost defrosting, the ice caps melting, the list goes on,”

“I hope the next generation has what it takes to solve these problems. The future does feel me the dread! Not that it matters, to me. I’ll either be in the ground or on someone’s mantlepiece in 20 years or so.”

Graham then slid the flyscreen open to join our reporter and Butter out on the deck.

“They’ll be right, Butter. They’ll be able to fix it with computers. Don’t worry yourself like that. It’s not our problem,”

“We can only love our children and grandchildren as much as we love ourselves.”

More to come.


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