A Brisbane bloke has tonight made it evident that he doesn’t get out much after making a pretty significant food faux pas at a local Japanese fusion restaurant.

It’s alleged Jason Lewis [23] was invited to the Mount Foodji restaurant by a couple of new workmates, who he’d instantly bonded within two weeks of starting his first engineering role.

To celebrate finally landing a paychque that could afford himself something more substantial than the $3 sushi rolls from the uni canteen, Jason decided to treat himself to a Bento Box and several bottles of Soju.

However, as he’d fumbled with the chopsticks, it was evident that it was Jason’s first time at a restaurant – which was further exacerbated when he attempted to chow through an entire edamame pod, much to the amusement of his older colleagues.

“You don’t eat the pod mate.”

“Pop it out, see?”

Growing noticeably redder by the second, Jason is said to have tried to save face by insisting that consuming the whole pod was the proper way to do it and everyone can go fuck themselves anyway.

More to come.


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