MIXED MEDICAL ARTS: A local carnivore from Betoota’s aspirational suburban wedge known as Betoota Heights has today gone quiet, for the next little while.

28-year-old construction manager, Jonno McAfferty says he’s never really been opposed to any form of medicine, but due to the ten faithful years he has dedicated to listening to the Joe Rogan podcast – he is also ‘open’ to ‘other forms of treatment’ – even the dangerous myths that doctors have explicitly warned the public to not experiment with.

However, after some recent news out of Texas this week, Jonno has decided to temporarily suspend his relentlessly contrarian opinions regarding the advice of people who have spent much more time studying the human body than he has.

This comes as his hero, podcast host and white male cult icon Joe Rogan, took to social media to reveal he had tested positive for for the virus after he returned from a series of shows in Florida, where the virus is rampant.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Rogan said he started having symptoms on Saturday and tested positive for the virus he has spent the last 18 months downplaying the following day.

The host of the hugely popular The Joe Rogan Experience said he has ‘thrown the kitchen sink’ at the virus thanks to several treatments, including being on a drip and this weird equine dewormer medicine that literally no medical bodies are willing to put their support behind.

However, much like the early days of President Trump’s diagnosis, none of Rogan’s supporter are going to say too much until they known more – even if he does claim to be feeling better.

“Yeah. It’s hard to know” says Jonno, as he hedges his bets about this the affects of this virus he was an expert on yesterday.

“All I’m saying is there is no way to prove that any of the big pharma treatments could do a better job at treating [my one true messiah]’s symptoms”

“Apparently eating nothing but elk meat and having intermittent 90 degree saunas is supposed to kill it off pretty quick”

“So we’ll just wait and see I guess”

“I’m hearing [from Joe Rogan himself] heaps of interesting stuff about this ivermecty-something”


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