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A Toowoomba man who’s been trying to get home for weeks has been caught trying to cross the border from New South Wales by claiming to be the spouse of NRL player Victor Radley.

Court documents allege the man told Queensland Police in Coolangatta that he didn’t need a border pass because the state’s Chief Health Officer had given the WAGs of many NRL Players an exception to enter Queensland while thousands of others have to wait for a spot to open up in hotel quarantine.

Jason Davies, of Middle Ridge, allegedly told a constable that he missed the plane that the other WAGs were on.

“Oi, nah, I’m Victor Radley’s wife, officer,” Mr Davies said.

“I miss him and I missed that, uh, plane that the other WAGs were on because I slept in. Yeah. The hotel is just up the street, don’t worry about me, officer,”

“I can just get the light rail, mate.”

Police began suspicious of Jason as they observed him pacing up and down the block in Tweed Heads for 30 minutes before he attempted to cross into Queensland.

He was allegedly chain-smoking and talking to someone on the phone.

However, it wasn’t until Jason told police that he was planning to get on the light rail that they began to question him over his true identity.

“Nobody gets the light rail around here,” said a Queensland Police spokesperson.

“Let alone an NRL WAG. Mr Davies was denied entry into Queensland but was arrested after trying to simply run as fast as he could through the checkpoint. After being charged, Mr Davies was returned to Tweed Heads with a fine and a mild flogging with a wet phonebook back at the watch house.”

More to come.


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