As the death toll from Australia’s 2021 outbreak continues to grow, ‘Freedom’ advocates appear to be slightly changing their messaging from ‘I hate doctors’ to ‘I hate the division that these doctors are causing in my community’.

The middle class wellness warriors of Instagram say that they are so heartbroken to see all of the kindling they’ve piled under the house catch fire.

In recent weeks, the white dreadlocked anti-vaxxer movement has hit new lows by taking advantage of the vulnerable remote Aboriginal communities, in an effort to rally them against ‘the white mans medicine’ as more and more elders test positive.

With medical skepticism obviously thriving in the same marginalised communities that experience disproportionate incarceration rates and education gaps, the predatory white girls behind the dangerous movement of online misinformation of are taking great pleasure in pressing the hot buttons of historical distrust in government policies that are aimed to help.

Health mess-ageing regarding the jab roll-out have been horribly undermined by this kind of anti-vaxxer rhetoric, and has left immunocompromised communities right across across the country split down the middle over which rich white person is telling the truth.

One local Gen-X radical from Betoota’s countercultural hinterland town of Linenwunsie has today shrugged off suggestions that she might be actually responsible for these divisions, after months of spreading more misinformation than Sky News with their secret anti-vax Facebook groups.

“Everyone is so divided. It’s soooo sad” says the Betoota mummy blogger, Mandolin Slinky (41), in a throwback to the conservative commentators whose only counterargument to the gay marriage debate was how stressful they found the existence of homosexuals.

“I hate what it is doing to our community”

When asked if she thought her constant stream of debunked medical myths might be playing a slight role in the unqualified opinions currently tearing Australian families apart, Mandolin says she’s never told anyone to do anything.

“I believe in freedom”

“I believe in choice”

“I believe in the freedom to choose to educate yourself on ten years worth of medical school in the space of a couple weeks using nothing but YouTube and Instagram”

“And I believe in the freedom to choose to relentlessly share what I found in my brief online research with vulnerable people”

“I blame the Bill Gates-funded GPs for all the division in our communities. They have been pushing this pro-vaxx stuff since the start of the pandemic!”


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