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Ten blokes using five cricket nets just over the border on Milparinka were forced to tell police this afternoon that they didn’t know each other – despite them all wearing the same training shirt.

The Milparinka Quandongs, who occasionally play in the division four Channel Country Cricket competition, told The Advocate today that they were simply enjoying the intense sunshine today when they all had the same idea at the same time to head down to the nets and bowl as fast as they could at each other.

However, the local police took an interest in the group exercising together and using a communal kit bag.

When questioned by a pair of junior constables, who already had their telescopic batons extended ready to flog the gentlemen into unconsciousness, the cricketers said they didn’t know each other.

“Never seen him before in my life,” said one quick bowler to the sunburnt policeman.

“I’m here with Jake, down there with the pads on.”

Jake waved and the policemen just stood there.

“Did you know it’s an offence to lie to the p’lice?” said the p’liceman.

The bowler asked the p’liceman if he knew there was an ‘o’ in police.

The other junior constable turned to the wrist spinner in the next net.

“Where is your voy-hickle [sic]?” asked the policeman.

“My what?” asked the spinner.

The cop took in a deep breath.

“Did you come here alone in your car or did you take your assigned exercise friend here?!” he yelled.

“Did you carpool?!”

The spinner laughed and more police arrived.

One by one, the pairs stopped their exercise and started to peel off before more telescopic batons got flicked out.

More to come.


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