The Environment Minister has today sneered at the global pressure Australia is facing in regards to our pitiful inaction to protect our fragile Great Barrier Reef from the sheer gluttony of the fossil fuel sector and agricultural spill-off.

This follows the news that UN officials have urges Australia to take “accelerated action at all possible levels” on climate change – after it was recommended that The Barrier Reef should be placed on to a list of world heritage sites that are “in danger”.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) says the world’s biggest coral reef system should be placed on the list at the world heritage committee meeting in China next month.

The recommendation has outraged the Australian Government, who have been quick to blame China for manipulating this decision in an effort to embarrass us – as they draw a very long bow between the location of next month’s meeting and the tragic bleaching events taking place in the reef that scientists have been warning us about for decades.

Sussan Ley says she has already joined the foreign affairs minister, Marise Payne, in a call to UNESCO’s director general, Audrey Azoulay – in an effort to get him to shut the fuck up about this environmental vandalism that they have been able to succesfully hide for the Australian public with the help of Rupert Murdoch.

If the committee followed the recommendation, experts said it would be the first time a natural world heritage site has been placed on the “in danger” list mainly because of impacts from the climate crisis.

Global heating caused by fossil fuel burning has driven ocean temperatures higher, leading to three mass bleaching events on the 2,300km reef since the last time it was assessed by the committee in 2015.

Ley said the government would “strongly oppose” the recommendation, claiming officials had been “stunned” by their decision to listen to the scientists that our government has been slashing funding to and silencing ever since they started to report findings that became inconvenient for the multinational mining and gas corporations that own our government.

However, like most conservative faux-outrage, this news doesn’t seem to really concern Sussan Ley or the Prime Minister that much at all.

“Ohh noooo the coral is bleaching and being irreperable damaged” she giggles, while mimicking a scientist to the Prime Minister.

“Haha wait until they hear about how fucked the Murray Darling River system is…. Those lefties at the UN would have an aneurysm if they saw some of those fish kills our cotton farmers have been causing”


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