New restrictions are being implemented across Greater Sydney, as the number of COVID-19 cases in Sydney’s Bondi cluster continues to grow.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that 16 new cases have emerged in the community since 8pm last night.

With less than 2% of the population fully dosed up with their jabs, and growing skepticism towards the government’s bungled immunisation roll-out, this isn’t good news for NSW or Australia – especially considering the list of hot spots shows that Sydney was acting like it was 1999 over the weekend.

This new cluster has once again put the affluent beach suburb of Bondi back in the spotlight, as the rest of the nation begins to question how seriously they have been taking this fucking thing.

In late March last year, this newspaper reported on Bondi’s brazen disregard for social distancing in the following article: Rich People Don’t Get Coronavirus, Confirms 20,000 Brainless Cunts On Bondi Beach Yesterday

This news story broke down the viral images showing Sydney’s premiere Eastern Suburbs public space packed with locals and eastern suburbs tourists not even a day after everyone was sent home from work for the first ever lockdown – causing the rest of the nation to ask the people of Bondi HDAYC? (How Are Dumb Are You Cunt?)

Today, Australia is asking that question again

Bondi, HDAYC?

If you’ve got a sniffle, and the news is reporting that there a bunch of blokes running around your suburb with the St Kilda Sneeze, then go get a brain tickle and stay the fuck home.

Do not go to a packed Hemmes establishment or a Westfield shopping centre.

Due to Bondi’s behaviour, Greater Sydney will now be subject to a range of new restrictions including limits on visitors in the home and new travel rules.

New restrictions include a limit of five visitors to homes, the reintroduction of the more stringent social distancing rules in hospitality venues and indoor maskwearing at venues including workplaces.


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