The man warming the second most important seat in the country is today continuing to get things down.

After making a historic second come back to the Deputy Prime Minister role and now filling in for Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce has introduced legislation criminalising lowballing on Gumtree.

This comes after the controversial Member for New England put forward a motion in parliament to acknowledge Blue Powerade as the superior isotonic drink yesterday.

Doubling down on the big issues his electorate face, Joyce has since scribbled together a page of proposed law that will see people who low ball in Gumtree face up to a year in prison.

Lowballing is the practice of offering some significantly less on an item listed on an online marketplace.

“Me agitating for a return to the top job for the last three years wasn’t about my ego, it was about the people of Australia, and this new piece of legislation is proof of that,” said Joyce today.

“Lowballing is a grave crime, and an issue plaguing regional Australians worse than climate change, the mouse plague, the changing nature of the economy, health, education and the dying fossil fuel industry.”

“So that’s why I’m putting the issue at the forefront of the National Party agenda.”

“Any low breed who comes in with an offer significantly under the listed price will face charges that can land them in prison.”

“And if it specifically says ‘No lowballing’ and you low ball, you’ll get the maximum.”

It’s believed the motion has support from his National Party colleagues who are always looking for a distraction from doing something to improve the lives of regional and rural Australians.


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