A local late thirties to early forties work colleague has today used an unfamiliar word to describe how he plans to spend his weekend with a few mates that are visiting.

Benjamin Brown (from the accounting department) says it’s been a while since him and his mates sat down with a couple cartons of Miller’s Chill and put on some Ying Yang twins.

“Haha should be good” he says.

“We are gonna fire up the barbie, watch the Broncs… and go hit the town”.

Benjamin, who still uses iTunes because the last time he checked – two years ago – Spotify didn’t have any H.O.V.A-era Jay-Z, says the timing is perfect with his wife and kids going down South to see a Missy Higgins concert.

“We’ve got a bucks for my mate who we thought was gay for ages” he says, showing his Gen-X-like inability to not point out inane lifestyle traits that he notices in other people in a weird attempt to look like he keeps up with political trends on social media.

“But he’s not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that”

“I mean, he’s marrying a chick, if that’s what you are wondering”

“I voted yes by the way”

“Anyway. Should be good. We are going to get so crunk!”


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