It’s Friday.

But it’s not just any Friday for William Somerville.

It’s the day before, what will probably be the biggest night of the year for the reasonably senior account manager at one of the larger marketing firms in the Ponds.

That’s because Sommerville is on an afternoon flight to Sydney via Brisbane, for the Mardi Gras event in the Harbour City this weekend.

While the town Mardi Gras weekend events are always enjoyable for Somerville, he tasted the big one in Sydney a few years ago and has been longing to return ever since.

Colleagues told The Advocate that he has been on cloud nine for the entire week.

“Yeah he has been buzzing since Monday, but he is on a serious roll now,” said Alice Hastings, a fellow manager from the same department.

Somerville explained to us that he won’t be leaving anything out there tomorrow night.

“Oh boy, I’m ready to go. It’s going to be a big big weekend,” he said.

“I have warned everyone not to expect to see my face around the office on Monday.”

Somerville told us that he was a shell of a human after the last Mardi Gras.

“Still kicking at 8am near Taylor Square on a Sunday morning before a midday flight back up north will knock you around for a few days.”


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