Local erratic and full-time social smoker, Ella Gibson (44) reckons the reason she’s a bit out there is due to her ADHD, a condition which at the time or writing she has not been diagnosed with.

Known for taking board games too seriously, listening to music without headphones on and encouraging binge drinking to the point of alcoholism, Gibson claims the reason for her unacceptable behaviour is due to her self-diagnosed neurodevelopmental disorder.

“I looked up the symptoms online when I was meant to be checking my emails and found out I have a lot of the symptoms! Forget things? Yep. Lose stuff? Yep. Piss people off? Fucking yep!”

According to friends of Gibson, her behaviour is less likely caused by an incurable chronic condition but much more likely caused by her frequent MDMA use that has likely damaged her cognitive function.

“She’s annoying at the best of times but when she gets on it, she’s intolerable. One time she threw my phone in the pool and started crying and said “I’m sorry it’s my ADHD” 50 times in a row.”

However, Gibson states she knew from a young age she was different to everybody else, citing the time she knew everyone in her suburb as “really random” and how she’s never really been able to understand a plot of a film where the main characters aren’t animals.

“I can’t help it you know, it’s just how I am. If you can’t handle me…how does that Marilyn Manson quote go again?”

Far from using her alleged condition as an excuse for her behaviour, Gibson states she is going to remedy her self-diagnosis with self-medication.

“Mooooree wine [haha].” she says

More to come.


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