As Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing stubbornly commits to not fronting the media while he enjoys the school holidays with his family in Kirribilli House, even his most die-hard supporters appear to be growing tired of having to defend his need to constantly take time off.

This comes after one public appearance in the last four weeks, where the PM briefly popped his head up to declare that he had decided to stop using the word ‘targets’ in his jab roll-out roadmap, and instead will be using the much vaguer word ‘phases’.

While the nation’s leader keeps his head down until the Premier’s do their best to immunise the public with the limited doses of jabs that the Federal Government has provided them with, small business owners in greater Sydney are forced to just suck up the extended lockdown and watch their livelihoods buckle under the meagre financial support offered to them by the State.

Speaking on the phone to The Betoota Advocate from outside his vacant boot repair shop in Sydney’s CBD, local cobbler Tony Lipari (68) says he’s struggling to accept the Sky News narrative that our Prime Minister works so hard that he deserves three holidays a year.

“I just don’t know why he went to England in the first place” says Tony.

“It’s clear nobody knew who he was at the leaders summitt”

“And if they did, maybe we would’ve been treated with a bit more respect by the countries that are developing these jabs”

“Instead, we got lumped in with the 4th world countries who got them last. Even now we are still ranked last in the developed world. I dunno, I guess I just thought that Morrison was a decent statesmen…”

However, as someone who reads the Daily Telegraph every morning and religiously votes for the Liberals because that’s his newspaper tells him to do, Tony is struggling to tell us what he really thinks. And what he really think is that this marketing bureaucrat from Cronulla wouldn’t be able to organise a root in a knock shop.

Instead, this embattled small business owner is just going to go through the paces and defend his Prime Minister’s right to have yet another holiday, despite not taking one himself for ten years.

“Everyone deserves a break, I guess” he says, as his phone pings with another email demanding urgent payment on overdue bills.

“It must have been tough in isolation in the lodge, even if he wasn’t doing any work.”

“And he probably misses his family, I get that”

“Maybe… I dunno maybe after he takes this little break in the middle of a pandemic, he’ll come back with a plan to build Federal Quarantine centres and save our economy from constantly locking down”



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