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Earlier this week, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former Deputy Prime Minister turned Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce met up at a Hunter Valley pub to finally bury the hatchet and move on.

The long overdue pub session took place at the Royal in Murrurundi near where Turnbull has owned prime fattening country in the past.

Both Turnbull and Joyce have spent recent years trading barbs in the media but now that Barnaby has somehow clawed his way back to the top job despite all the trespasses he’s made to himself and the wider Australian public, they thought it was time to clear the air face-to-face.

However, after spending nearly nine hours together, another catch up is going to be needed.

“Barnaby went home with my bloody credit card,” said Malcolm to this masthead this morning via telephone.

“And I went home with his. You see they’re easy to mix up because they’re from the same bank, Cayman National. We have old eyes now and we’re probably starting to lose our marbles, too,”

“Anyway, looks like we’re going to have to catch up again and swap them back.”

Upon closer inspection, Malcolm said, he noticed that the Cayman card didn’t actually belong to Mr Joyce at all.

It belonged to Angus Taylor.

“Angus has mine and I had his, now I’ve got Malcolm’s,” laughed Joyce.

“Bloody hell, you wouldn’t read about it. Like when Malcolm got named in the Panama Papers. You couldn’t actually read about it because nobody was game to touch it,”

“Even I reckon it’s pretty grim that we can get away with this type of thing and I’m the one doing it.”

More to come.


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