Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff who currently works as Sky News host who makes things up on TV each night to strike fear into the hearts of the elderly, has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s birthday honours.

AOs are appointed for distinguished service of a high degree “to Australia or to humanity at large” – they are often given to the type of people who do good for the world – like opthalmologists who help tackle glaucoma rates in Indigenous communities.

And sometimes they are given to friends of Alan Jones and Rupert Murdoch, who work tirelessly to maintain the conservative status quo in Parliament House.

The controversial broadcaster, columnist and veteran Liberal staffer was appointed to the second-highest rank under the honours system for her contribution to destroying John Howard’s party.

This basically includes her work isolating Prime Minister Tony Abbott from his own party – and according to some sources – his family as well, while also reshaping the Liberal Party into an anti-science conglomerate of red-nosed old toffs who only serve their own caste of Sandstone Uni alumni that have made their way into CEO roles at financial institutions and mining corporations.

She is also remembered meddling in pre-selections to make sure that the Liberal Party didn’t bring on board one small business owner, or anyone who believed in gay marriage or reproductive rights, or climate change – while she was running the Liberal Party.

In fact, you could argue that Peta Credlin is the sole reason that our Government is being run by a Pentecostal Bradbury who hangs out with QaNon conspiracists in Hawaii, while our country endures record breaking bushfires.

This year, 947 people in total were honoured in the general division of the Order of Australia and 44% of recipients were women, the highest in history. This follows a concerted effort by the organisers to reach gender parity while, also keeping the Coalition government happy.

The governor general, David Hurley, said this year it “is important that the Order of Australia represents the diversity and strength of Australia”.

This apparently includes political advisors who have the amazing ability to turn a pitbull opposition Liberal leader into the party’s most internally-loathed Prime Minister, who became so detached from his own colleagues that he got rolled by an investment banker from Vaucluse.


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