After a big year in and out of court rooms for accurately reporting the non-redacted documents related to the former Attorney-General’s personal life, ABC’s Four Corners program has once again found itself in the cross hairs for the razor-weilding Coaliton Government.

The newest calls to ‘Defund The ABC’ come after the embarrassing revelations that Prime Minister Scott Morrison actually doesn’t hang out with anyone from his beloved political party or NRL club socially, and instead has a personal life that revolves around old mates from church who have turned into crackpot conspiracists.

This comes as the ABC examined the QAnon cult on Monday night, and the involvement of Morrison’s close mate Tim Stewart, whose activities have divided his own family and prompted his own sister to dob him into the national terror hotline.

Mr Morrison and his wife, Jenny have been family friends with Mr Stewart and his wife Lynelle since the 1990s.

The far-right QAnon cult, which is listed by the FBI as a domestic terror threat, claims a group of elite shapeshifting left-wing Satanic pedophiles secretly run the world and sacrifice children to feast on their blood.

The Four Corners report found that this insidious movement has crept so far into Parliament House that Morrison even let his mate Tim Stewart influence his speech-writing to include known QAnon terms of phrase.

However, the most damaging revelations by far were the images that showed Scott Morrison holding a stubbie of beer by the base with his palm.

It is believed this is how he naturally wraps his mitts around a cold one when he is left alone by his media advisors, who have successfully curated him to look like the averagest Aussie possible in front of cameras.

However, these photos show that Morrison actually isn’t the person he claims to be when he’s behind closed doors with his weirdo friends talking about weirdo stuff.

The Prime Minister’s inability to hold a beer like a normal human has resulted in backlash right across the country, with former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce demanding he be stood down pending an investigation.

“This is not a good look” said Joyce.

“Scotty should be sacked for this”

Opposition Leaders Anthony Albanese says he always knew Morrison was a pretender ever since he saw him swinging his Cronulla Sharks scarf around his head like a helicopter for the cameras.

Agricultural Minister David Littleproud says these photos of Morrison holding a beer by the base are so damaging for the coalition government that he does not want the PM to step foot in Western Queensland in the lead up to the next election.

The long-awaited program was delayed earlier this month amid a storm of controversy and complaints from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who was worried that anyone looking closely at his personal life will expose him as a weirdo happy clapper who actually doesn’t know shit about real Australian life.


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