The major cities and towns of Queensland have just enough freedom for their Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to get away with flying to Japan this week, as the rest of Australia remains imprisoned under strict lockdowns.

If this little overseas jaunt took place a month ago, Anna would be public enemy one right now.

That said, Queenslanders as a whole are pretty excited to learn tonight that Brisbane has been announced as the host of the 2032 Olympic Games.

Everyone except Bob Katter, who remains convinced this historic moment spells nothing but bad news for the struggling sugar and maze industries, who’ve been sidelined once again for big city projects

The rest of Australia remains pretty much indifferent to this news.

The International Olympic Committee confirmed the widely expected news during a meeting of the 138th IOC Session in Tokyo this evening, beating out bids from countries including Spain and Germany.

Palaszczuk and Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner made a successful pitch for the Games this afternoon, sparking cheers of joy for construction developers and tradies right across the river city.

Queenslanders are toasting this bipartisan cooperation between the premier and mayor this evening, with the state’s Sir Joh senses tingling as they fantasise about all of the ugly heritage listed buildings that will be bulldozed to make way for an extravagant Olympic-standard new city!

However, the rest of the nation is struggling to even pretend to be happy for us, as they remain locked indoors while the Deep Nortg celebrates.

“Cool. I guess” says the rest of the nation.

“Happy for you”


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