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The Prime Minister said his last press conference didn’t go so well so he’s going to tap out for a few days until there’s something positive for him to talk about.

Scott Morrison ended his latest meeting with the media by saying he can’t understand why people like Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian feel compelled to “feed the chooks” every morning when you could just answer emails and take calls in bed.

This morning outside The Lodge, he let out a long sigh before the journalists barraged him with unhelpful and critical questions.

“You guys always take things I say and use it against me,” said the PM.

“That’s a very dirty, Labor tactic. What I say, I shouldn’t be judged on because I said it then and things have changed and when things change, the context changes and when the context changes then the things I say before are out of context, which means using them against me is a dirty, Labor tactic and I just won’t stoop to their level,”

“So my next meeting with you people will be in August. In all honesty, you all can go and get fucked. All of you. Especially you, Andrew [Probyn]. You are such a fuckwit. Like I’m just a happy-go-lucky salt of the earth lad from the back blocks of Bronte and all you do is just heap shit on me. Like, can’t you just not say anything if it’s not going to be nice or supportive or positive? What’s the matter with you,”

“We’re all in this together. We have a common enemy and that’s Peter, uh, apologies. This fricken virus! So see you in 7-10 working days. Direct your questions to Josh or Barnaby. Actually, just direct them to Josh.”


More to come.


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