As the government continues their marketing campaign to convince the nation that it’s completely normal for us to have closed borders until 2023 because we’ve only vaccinated 10% of our population, the incompetent Liberal Party baggage continues to earn more money than almost anyone else within the entire public service, education sector, retail, hospitality and science.

As the party’s experienced political operators like Pyne, Bishop, Brandis, McVeigh, Turnbull, Abbott and Sinodinos enjoy their retirement from politics after rushing out the door in the Post-Hillsong brain drain – the new wave of household names in the Liberals are some of the most underwhelming and entitled men to ever get their lunch paid for.

In fact, heading into this election it looks like some of the biggest hitters in the Prime Minister’s inner-circle are a bunch of incompetent degenerates, whose brazen misconduct is now bordering on serious jail time.

Andrew Laming MP, a man who takes photos of the exposed underpants of young women without their permission in public, remains on $230,000 per year after refusing to step down.

All that Morrison asked of Laming was that he complete an online empathy training course and please consider not seeking pre-selection in the next election, but until then he’s more than welcome to take home a bigger pay packet than any public school principal.

Christian Porter, the man at the centre of horrifying rape allegations that have rocked our government to the core, and had previously been exposed by ABC 4Corners for inappropriate workplace behaviour while out on the tiles in Canberra, also remains on a Cabinet Minister’s salary – which is a bigger salary than 90% of Australian voters will ever see in their lifetime.

Craig Kelly, a right-wing conspiracist who blatantly undermines public health orders and vaccine programmes with his deranged YouTube research, was not sacked from the Liberal Party but got sick of being asked to tone it down by the PM, so he instead chose to move to the cross-bench where he can keep earning his couple hundreds stacks of tax-payer-dollars for the year before he inevitably loses to one of the major parties at the next election.

While these three MPs aren’t the only hopeless degenerates that make up our political class, they appear to be the most immune to repercussions for their actions, that would see any other bloke sacked from any other workplace.

But, due to the fact that they are working in Parliament House, it seems they are able to keep their noses in the trough until the voters fuck them off in May next year.

However, according to the newly-instated NDIS Minister Linda ‘Lying Cow’ Reynolds, the biggest waste of government money is being spent on disabled people, who are getting too many ramps installed in their houses by worryingly empathetic public servants.



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