A woman’s quest to get a nice jacket has today been thwarted by every single outlet, who all seem hellbent on pushing out shitty designs.

It’s alleged Georgie Porter lost her favourite denim jacket on the weekend and was looking to quickly replace it before the winter chill hit and jacket prices doubled.

Venturing to her local shopping centre, Georgie had mistakenly thought it’d be easy to find a replacement, considering denim jackets were so popular and in abundant supply.

Unfortunately, just like Goldilocks, Georgie found it next to impossible to find the right fit and instead had a lesson in just how many different ways a jacket can be made wrong.

After combing through various shops and coming across jackets that were too big, too small, the wrong shade of denim, cropped or too long in the sleeve, Georgie finally came across a promising jacket at Cotton On. And at $34.99, a bargain too.

Pulling a size ten from the pile of loosely folded jackets, Georgie appraises the front of the jacket and breathes a sigh of relief, after finally finding a design that looks normal.

However, as she goes to hang it over her arm and walk to the changing room, a flash of silver catches her eye and Georgie is hit with the dawning realisation that her perfect match is hiding a terrible secret.

Bracing herself as she flips the jacket over, Georgie’s dreams are dashed when she spies a hideous bejewelled butterfly on the back, causing her to angrily throw the jacket next to the other jumbled up ones –  which were all likely thrown away for the same reason.

More to come.


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