The NSW Fixated Persons United have rushed to abuse some human rights in a Queanbeyan beer garden today over a series of slightly derogatory remarks made about the NSW National Party leader John Barilaro this afternoon by a half-pissed semi-retired scaffolder named Nathan.

The comments made by Natho revealed allegations of the NSW government being full of bloody crooks and were based off hundreds of examples of the Deputy Premier being a corrupt bastard were leaked to the beer garden by some other cunt that was here earlier.

The search warrant names Nathan, his mate Macca, and publican Gerry.

Three NSW Fixated Persons officers entered the beer garden first, followed shortly afterwards by three police other normal cops who had been sent their by the complicit Commissioner, who demanded they take some time off bashing little black kids and strip searching teenage girls and focus on strong arming all critics of his good mates in the NSW government.

The officers served the half-pissed patrons with some sort of warrant that should usually be kept for arresting stalkers and the abusive husbands that still kill one defenceless woman every week in NSW alone.

Nathan said he decided to comply to this abuse of state power after speaking to his lawyer – who informed him it would probably be a pretty bad idea if he and his mates coward punched NSW police officers, especially the jackboot cops that John Barilaro sends when he feels like getting a bit ‘Sir Joh’ with his abuses of power.

The Betoota Advocate approached John Barilaro for comment but he was asleep after a being tuckered out from a big day white-anting Andrew Constance and organising a mutiny against Gladys.

Prime Minister Morrison was also approached for comment but didn’t say anything other than “mwahahaaha”.


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