In a world of lockdowns and closed borders, a former traveller has received some good news this week. 

With the nation currently 4%* vaccinated and international travel still looking off the table for quite some time, a local man has expressed his excitement at being able to have the taste of Tokyo at his fingertips. 

The three time Japanese ski veteran Cody Mitchell has revealed he can’t contain his excitement at the makers of Strong Zero bringing the ultimate alcoholic drink down under. 

“I fucking love this shit. It’s all -196 going forward,” said the bloke who seems to alternate profile pictures between Japanese ski fields and him standing at the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. 

The arrival of the strong drink from the land of the rising sun comes as some welcome news to the 97% of travellers who religiously drank Strong Zeros during their time in Japan. 

“If you know, you know. Normally I have to go and find a random Asian grocery store or bottle shop when I’m really stinging for one, but no longer. -196’s here for good.” 

“Mate, I know I sound like a salesman, but this is the best mixer drink going round. Bitta Shochu and voddy mixed with some bubbly water and a bit of lemon. I feel like I’m back in a 7/11 in Hokkaido again.” 

The strong endorsement of the 6% Japanese RTD is something that his mates have all confirmed they’ve heard plenty about. 

“He won’t shut up about it,” explained housemate Jed. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a Strong Zero too. They hit different, but this guy’s a full disciple”

“I do wish you could just drink ’em out the front of a convenience store or on the train like in Japan, but as your old man always says, you can’t have it all.” 

More to come. 


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