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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian isn’t concerned, she says, about this latest so-called outbreak of a bad cold that’s going round because places like New York City are pretty much back to how things were in the summer of 2019.

“Yawn,” she said as the state’s chief medical officer Kerry Chant said there’d been a couple more cases in the past 24 hours.

“Maybe New York had the right idea all along? They just had to trade the lives of 53 000 old, sick, poor and disabled people to get where they are,”

“And if you commute anywhere in Sydney or are trying to buy a house there, deleting that many Boomers and their parents from the picture would make it a hell of a lot easier,”

“Sure, there’d be a few young people who’d die. Doctors, nurses and so on but I know heaps of people who’ve had this bug and they’re sweet. I dunno, maybe things will change when Americans are enjoying Europe while Australians are being effectively trapped here by a government that’s too afraid to open borders because it’d pretty much be Liberal voters who die from this fucking thing. Maybe Scotty will see the writing on the wall and be forced to put the old, sick, disabled and immunocompromised Australians to the sword for the sake of the greater good,”

“Life on this planet is tough and it’s a crying shame that people just aren’t allowed to die anymore. Dying is a part of life and once in a while, something like this comes along and corrects some of the wrongs that society has done to planet earth,”

“With any luck, the sucked-mango-seed-looking-freak who moonlights as the Deputy Premier of New South Wales will get the cough before I get forced to address the fact he used a counter-terrorist squad to arrest and intimidate a comedian,”

“With any luck.”

More to come.


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