One would assume that Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing would be working hard to avoid any further association with the land of Hawaii, or Hawaiian culture.

But as the trailer for Channel Nine’s upcoming 60 Minutes exclusive has reminded us, our Prime Minister is not known for working particularly hard.

After facing nationwide criticism for his decision to flee Australia to go on a week long holiday to Waikiki beach in the midst of record-breaking bushfires that were destroying homes and businesses right down the east coat, Scott Morison has finally decided it’s time to make light of that horrific chapter in our nation’s very recent history.

As revealed in a sneak peak at Karl Stefanovic’s exclusive 60 minutes interview with the Morrison family, the PM has spent the last two years trying to teach himself how to play the ukulele.

The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments and was popularised in Hawaii. It generally employs four nylon strings, and makes for the most perfect keepsake to remind you of your wonderful holiday spent enjoying the prisitine sands and all you can eat buffets of the Polynesian islands.

Mr Morrison, seated at a backyard table with his wife Jenny and their daughters, was very keen to show off his love of Hawaiian culture to Stefanovic.

The PM picked up the ukelele, which he refers to as ‘the axe’, and strummed out the chorus of April Sun In Cuba, by the New Zealand-Australian band Dragon – a rock n roll act who were known for living a godless hard partying lifestyle that would make the Pentecostal Prime Minister’s skin crawl.

Surprisingly, for someone who has been tarnished with the reputation as a sleazy marketing guy, it is appears completely lost on the Prime Minister that this kind of Hawaiian imagery might not be what he wants to be putting out there on national TV, with just a few month until the election.

The trailer also featured at least three different shots of the Morrison family saying grace, or discussing God – as well another light-hearted joke about going to Hawaii while Australian firefighters were dying in overturned trucks that were crushed underneath flaming gum trees from Townsville to Mallacoota.


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