Motorists were dismayed again this week as fuel prices in the CBD rose to $1.48 per litre.

That is, everyone except for Justin Chan, who had already filled up his rickety 1996 Sonata prior to trying to flog it off for $100 to someone who doesn’t know much about cars.  

“The fuel gauge is fucked, the needle is stuck on Full” explained Justin.

“So it was just common sense to fill it right up to the top. If it was nearly empty someone might buy this heap and run out of fuel within walking distance…. then they could walk back here and I’d have to pretend I didn’t know it was broken.”

“But if I fill it right up to the top they could be hundreds of kilometres away before it runs out of fuel. Or oil. And then what are they going to do about it? They can’t come back here because they’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere.”


However, in a lucky twist, the price of fuel soared immediately after the Sonata was fuelled up resulting in a corresponding rise in the 1996 Hyundai Sonata With A Full Tank Of Fuel market. 

“Jackpot mate! $1.48 per litre; now it’s a $200 car.” exclaimed Justin as he tried unsuccessfully to turn the spraypainted 1 on the windscreen into a 2.

“And you have to take the whole car, you can’t just take the petrol and leave the car behind”.  


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