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In a historic moment for the nation, Josh Frydenberg is set to deliver a landmark budget tomorrow night.

For the first time, the Federal Treasurer of a Coalition government is set to hand down a budget that hasn’t been officially signed off by the fossil fuels industry.

Traditionally, the annual federal budget is handed to the heads of the various giant minerals and resources companies to give the final thumbs-up before it goes out to the public.

However, that hasn’t happened this year, with Frydenberg bypassing the likes of Rio-Tinto, BHP and Hancock Prospecting and making the final call himself.

Speaking to The Advocate today, the Treasurer explained why he made the controversial call.

“Enough money has finally flowed across to the renewable energy sector that I thought I could get away with one less round of feedback,” said Frydenberg today.

“They got a look at the first draft and second drafts and made plenty of track changes so they can’t blow up to much,” he laughed.

“The phone’s been blowing up for the last few days though. Have had to swerve a few calls about why there’s now infrastructure funding for things like railway tracks that will only be used to transport resources to the coast.”

While the Treasurer is optimistic about the fall out from the big call, the likes of Gina Rinehart are not impressed.

“What kind of a fucking operation is this Frydenberg running? Who does he think he is,” said the angry boss of Hancock Prospecting.

“There’s a process in place. He sends us how much money he’s got to spend, the non-negotiables, and areas that can be massaged and we work around that to find ‘infrastructure grants’ for our projects dressed as public policy, areas where we can create tax loopholes and so on,” continued Rinehart.

“It’s a fundamental pillar of our society, and the likes of News Corp and Channel 7 are being briefed as we speak about this.”

“Not good enough Josh.”


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