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Four-time Gold Logie winner Bert Newton has lost a leg to infection, his family says, and is now concerned that rogue members of the nation’s peak military regiment will steal his new prosthetic leg to drink out of.

Mr Newton spoke very briefly to our reporter via telephone this morning where he appeared in good spirits and thankful to his team of doctors and family.

“I’m just lucky to be here, really. I am. The doctors here have done a great job and my family as been a real pillar of support. They’ve been great,” said our Bert.


“It might just be the painkillers speaking but I have this irrational fear that the SAS are going to take my new leg from me and drink beer from it. Probably a silly thing to worry about, ninety-nine percent of the SAS are dedicated and honourable warriors who what is right within the rules and law of combat. But there’s always one. He will be the one who wants to drink from my leg. Anyway, my wife wants the phone back. Have a lovely day, Mike Munro. I do miss watching you on This Is Your Life. My favourite episode was with James Morrison, the trumpet player. Such a complex man. Anyway.”

Someone in the room then hung up the telephone.

The Advocate reached out to Swanbourne Barracks for comment and were told only that Mr Newton’s leg is safe and no member of the Australian Special Forces community will attempt to either take it as a trophy of war or drink beer from it.

More to come.


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