After a relatively drama free few months, Hot Mess Gladys is back!

Everyone’s favourite bumbling single Premier has returned to the spotlight after a relatable interaction with a local heartthrob.

With all that corruption and pork-barreling stuff slowly fading into the background, Hot Mess has burst back onto the scene after breaking into a bout of giggles whilst talking to a 10/10 snack.

After speaking about the new Mad Max film being shot in NSW, the Premier decided to make the most of being cast alongside the smoking hot Chris Hemsworth for the conference.

Engaging in a bit of small talk in an effort to maybe cop the IG follow from the big loveable hunk, Hot Mess Gladys accidentally broke out into an uncontrolled giggle after he made some shit joke about Mondays.

Managing to somehow stifle a snort during the giggling episode, Gladys confirmed she was struggling to maintain her composure.

“Omg,” she laughed to our reporter.

“I accidentally introduced myself to him as Chris. Classic from me.”

“And then when I started giggling, I actually don’t even know if it was a joke he made. He just said something that I think was supposed to be funny and I lost it.”

“Urghhhhhhh, I actually can’t even right now.”

“I’ve followed and unfollowed him like 3 times, so hopefully he finally returns the favour,” laughed Hot Mess.

More to come.


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