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Cafe staff in French Quarter artisanal coffee roaster and cafe Bean Index have got their nominations ready for the next Australian of the year. 

The three person barista team thought they had met every type of customer during their first few months of business but only met a true alpha male during this morning’s ‘coffee rush.’

‘Coffee rush’ is the period from 7:30-9am where millions of Australians admit their caffeine dependency and wait in line for a milky hit of the hot brown stuff while they try their hardest to stay awake.

It is during this time that cafes generally make the most money and meet the most assertive of customers such as Dante Glick (40).

Approaching the counter to order a long black with three, Glick earned the respect of the barista team by letting them know he was in a hurry.

“We were just going to make his coffee after we made the 15 or so that were ordered prior to him showing up but then we found out he was in a hurry,” stated barista Georgia May (22) who judging by her blushing red cheeks might just have a cheeky little crush on her new favourite customer. 

“I mean, he’s in a hurry, clearly he’s got things to do after this. We made that bad boy right away.” 

Upon receiving his coffee before everyone in line in front of him, Glick was also presented with a loyalty card with all but the free coffee stamped, just for being a respectable guy with places to be.

“He could have used one of the thousands of apps that let you order ahead of time but this is clearly a man in a hurry the old fashioned way. What an absolute apex predator.” 


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