16 February, 2016. 16:34

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Flicking through a stack of emails his media girl printed out for him this morning, a Western Australian federal country member sighed and wondered why he gets so many mean-spirited emails – prompting him to ask himself whether now is the time to throw in the towel.

Speaking to The Advocate earlier today, Michael Kruger, the Member for Donerack in WA’s Kimberley regional, explained that there’s rarely a day do by where he doesn’t receive some sort of hate mail sent from the socialist bowels of each capital city.

“Sydney is the worst,” said Kruger from his Fitzroy Crossing electoral office.

“Sometimes they even ring me up to tell me what a disgusting and corrupt dog I am and all that jazz. I mean, can they not? It’s hard to please everybody without these facially-pierced sexual deviants calling me names.”

In 2011, Kruger was placed between the leftie crosshairs after he responded to the suspension of live exports by saying that perhaps they were ill-informed before they made that decision.

Delivering a personal attack on then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard, suggesting that her Labor government was ill-equipped to make a call on an industry that she and her party didn’t quite understand, Kruger received a number of threats to both him and his family over the remarks.

“Sometimes it just isn’t worth it,” he said.

“You try to keep everybody happy, I try to do the best for the people of The Kimberly, but these personal and hate-fuelled attacks on my family and I are making me want to resign.”

“I can only imagine how the Deputy PM feels. God those inner-city gender benders hate him, but it looks like Barnaby doesn’t care. Don’t know how he does it.”

More to come.


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