A local woman finds that people still deem her uninteresting despite having just gotten a wrist tattoo.

Evelyn Mitchells, 24, currently working as a “retail specialist” at Zara, opted to stencil her wrist with a psychedelic butterfly design while on a recent trip to Bali.

“I know it looks like something you see on the front of a packet of incense in Byron,” says Mitchells.

“But it really reflects my inner connection with the universe. I expected more of a reaction than when I got my braces off, you know?”

The reception from her social circles was lukewarm at best.

“She’s the type of girl who mistakes an accent for a personality,” says one close friend. “That’s why we stopped staying at hostels abroad, and that’s why she pulled this little stunt.”

“This impulse could have easily been exercised in henna,” comments her mother. “I just wish she’d realize we love her either way.”

“Yeah, it’s doing nothing for me,” says a colleague. “I mean, it’s something to look at, I guess. That being said, still would.”

Mitchell’s remains confounded on the subject of why people still do not find her a fascinating character. Reports suggests she is considering a Roman numeral tattoo on the back of her neck next, perhaps even a bird of some kind on her ankle. Developments to come.


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