The world’s most entitled and lucky generation is today preparing for its latest blessing – World War 3.

After being graced with a Global Financial Crisis, stalled wage growth, decreasing workplace conditions and security, an overinflated housing bubble, and a major health crisis that has brought the world to its knees – the generation that just gets everything its own way is in for another treat.

With Russian continuing with its full-blown assault of Ukraine, it looks like the avocado and toast-eating brats that make up the nation’s youth population percentile are set to have more entitlement come their way.

This comes as the Ukrainian government has released reports claiming persistent and prolonged shelling and airstrikes have hit Ukraine, as Russian forces move in from Belarus and Russia.

The invasion that has the chance of creating the biggest conflict we’ve seen since World War 2, has come at a time when it looked like millenials might have to actually roll up their sleeves for once.

However, after getting two free years of lockdowns and economic insecurity because of a cough that disproportionately affected boomers, the nation’s young people now get another handout.

“Geezus, back in my day, we would have loved to have had a world war to go and get conscripted too,” said a local boomer who received a medical exemption from the Vietnam War.

“These millennials get all the good stuff.”

“They are probably going to whine and blame it on the rich and powerful for playing games that ruin the lives of billions of people.”

“It’s always someone else fault that they can’t live the perfect life that they want,” laughed the old boy about the prospect of a young Australian going and getting the cranium opened up on a European battlefield.

“Cry me a river”

“They’ve got no idea how good they’ve got it,” continued the spokesperson for a generation who had steadily rising wages, secure working conditions, free health and education, and the ability to buy a house where he wanted to live for two years wages.

More to come.


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