The freshly inaugurated US President Joe Biden has received an outpouring of support and congratulations from world leaders who are mostly just relieved to be able to take a photo with the US President without copping a hiding back home. 

Engaging in a bit of international diplomacy, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has made sure to send his well wishes to “President Biden and his secretary Kamala.” 

“This is a historic moment for executive assistants, aspiring secretaries and Americans everywhere,” stated Mr Morrison as he prepared a box of cigars and Kitchen Aid to send to Biden and Harris respectively. 

“Spare a thought for the guy, one woman at work and one at home! And it’s all in the same house! He’ll never get a moment to himself will he!” 

Mr Morrison then scrunched his eyes closed and laughed at his own joke for a full minute before asking our reporter if he could make that joke go ‘viral.’ 


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