Local Betoota Girl, Sally Washington (22), has been in Thailand for approximately 39hrs and has tonight revealed to her Instagram followers a deep desire to permanently stay in the unitary state at the centre of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula

“OMG! I never want to leave!” Sally yelled over the pumping calypso-house music at a well-known beach club.

“This is amazing! There’s nowhere in Australia you could do this!”

According to our sources it was after Sally captioned a photo indicating that she ‘never wanted to leave’ that local drug trafficker and Aussie expat, Reehse, approached her with a potential solution to her fairytale wish.

The Advocate understands that this last piece of information is actually paramount in the case Australian lawyers are building up for Sally, after she was arrested for heroin possession later that night.

Sally’s lawyers insist that Reehse planted the drugs on her at some point during their m15+ encounter, and are looking for other witnesses or evidence to clear their client of charges or at least take the death penalty off the table.

All we can say to our readers is be careful what you wish for in Thailand, as permanent residency can be easily arranged.




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