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“Fuck it” thought Simon Lewisham as he reached into his hotel mini bar for the world’s most expensive corona.

About to twist the top off the beverage, something caught his eye, it was the Corona’s use by date – which clearly read as 12/06/1889.

Just as disappointed thirst quenchers before him, Simon reluctantly put the ancient Corona back into the bar fridge where it will likely sit for another century.

Catching up with our reporters, Simon explains the devastation he felt after seeing the alcoholic beverage’s use by date.

“Absolutely gut-wrenching. I’d already psyched myself up to cop the $14, to then see that it wasn’t even drinkable… it’s tough man.”

“It crossed my mind to just drink it anyway… maybe if it was 1989, but 100 years ago? It’d be flat and shit”

“It’s not like a wine, you know?”

The Advocate understands that the hotel in question, Betoota’s 6 Star Versace Hotel, have been hoping an intoxicated hotel guest would take the Corona off their hands for them since the Hotel’s opening.

“There are a number of reasons the Corona has been left, however, it’s mainly the cost.” Explains ex-hotel manager Gerome Guiseppe.

“The hotel is at a loss for what to do with it, the books can’t be balanced until that one Corona is sold.”

A simple solution would have been to have one of the staff purchase the Mexican pale lager, however, not even they were willing to shell out the steep asking price.

More to come.




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