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Shooting brumbies to death, according to one French Quarter resident, is inhumane and disgusting.

Fontaine Dauterive, of Rue De Arlen, said that destroying the animals with bullets is the destruction of Australia’s cultural heritage.

“Brumbies are part of our history,” said the pro-bono solicitor.

“To shoot them is to shoot our heritage down. They might be doing a small amount of damage to a national park that’s already damaged beyond all comprehension. I just see no sense in it. The Liberals would only replace the brumbies with cattle or sheep, which is far worse for the environment,”

“What would Banjo [Paterson] think of all this? The way his words danced, almost oozed from the pores of our national identity. The sweat and whip cracks. The ‘hi-yahs’ from the rugged country boys on their noble steeds. It’s like taking the Big Merino from Goulburn and letting the army blow it up. Vile and disgusting,”

“I support de-sexing the brumbies but shooting them. I hate it.”

When asked about a social media post from January 25 2014, which shot the self-funded retiree to local fame, about how he nods off to sleep each night.

“When I can’t quite nod off to sleep, I dream about having a gun in my hand and in front of me is Captain Cook,” he wrote on Facebook.

“I’m hiding in the bushes at Sydney Cove. I see Cook coming ashore. I raise my rifle, I take a deep breath. I pull the trigger and Cook’s head explodes all over his men,”

“The British bid a hasty retreat and leave Australia forever. Then the local Eora people of the Gadigal nation chair me around like a hero. Pemulwuy and I then become friends.”

This morning, Mr Dauterive said he’d still shoot Captain Cook and that he still feels the same way.

“I have a vivid imagination,” he laughed.

“Perhaps I could turn that into my first novel?”

More to come.


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