The Religious Freedom Debate is heating up in Canberra today, as the nation’s senators and MPs begin unpicking a bill that Prime Minister Morrison has been trying pass for nearly a full Parliamentary term.

The bill, which was initially pitched as legislation that was supposed to protect religious Australians from being discriminated against by bosses or landlords who don’t like turbans, has turned into somewhat of an experiment in Christian supremacy.

As it stands, these weird new laws would protect the religious freedoms of anyone who doesn’t wanna to hire a homosexual, or any teacher who doesn’t want to teach a trans kid, or anyone who doesn’t want to rent a house to an unmarried woman.

This binfire appears to be a result of Scotty From Marketing making a few too many promises to a few too many Christian groups – who are all now coming to collect the rent.

The debate has culiminated over the last few weeks, after Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane’s southside unveiled a heinous controversial enrolment contract for students, which included anti-gay clauses and listed homosexuality alongside paedophilia and bestiality.

Since then, everything has gone to shit.

The school, which is run by a particularly intense brand of Pentecostals with God complexes and close ties to the Prime Minster’s own church in Cronulla, has been met with death threats and vandalism from within it’s own community.

This has lead Brisbane’s lord mayor and former student/current parent, Adrian Schrinner to plead for tolerance from anyone that might have an issue with a school that compares gay kids to hillbillies that fuck animals.

Teachers have resigned and multiple students have been pulled out of the school

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is still trying as hard as he can to push through an anti-discrimination bill.

However, Brisbane’s mayor isn’t the only local getting involved in the debate.

Tensions reached an almighty climax today as South Brisbane’s most famous rock band Violent Soho went back to their old stomping ground to give those bigoted educators a piece of their mind with a breathtaking cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick In The Wall’

“Give them hell kids” shouted Soho guitarist James Tidswell, before launching into a face-melting solo.

“Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone!”


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