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A Brisbane woman hitting the town has had to do some forward thinking tonight, after finding herself at the one bar that will usually let you in at the end of the night.

As a frequenter on the valley scene, Gemma Thorn is no stranger to the wild and wacky late night antics, which sees everything from fist fights and colourful vocal spats, to people in all states of undress tripping over themselves to get some 2am chicken nuggets – herself included.

Unfortunately, though Brisbane offers the opportunity to stay out until the wee hours of the morning, revellers often find themselves choosing between gambling with a spiked drink at The Met, buying pingers off 20 year olds in the Prohibition smokers area, or visiting ye old faithful, Rics Bar. 

For someone who’s now just nudged past 25, Rics can be both a fun and confronting time, seeing as the clientele has continued to shift into the 18 year old demographic. Or maybe Gemma is just dealing with what every late bloomer clubber has to deal with – facing their mortality under the guise of acne riddled school leavers.

However, that’s certainly not the most frustrating thing about the decades-old bar, it’s the fact it only has one girls bathroom downstairs and how not many people seem to know about the unisex bathrooms located up a level. Gemma herself included.

So when she felt that slight pressure in her bladder signalling a wee might be needed a little later, Gemma found herself circumventing the best time to leave her spot on one of the alcohol soaked couches – seeing as she’ll likely be lining up for at least half an hour.

Quickly breezing past for a cursory check, Gemma figures she’s got at least ten minutes before she hits the danger zone.

More to come.


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