here’s some good news for fans of one of the world’s most famous sporting franchises today. 

Finally, after a tough couple of years for LA Lakers supporters and bandwagoners, there is something to lift their spirits. 

It’s not some smart trades or notable players being moved on, but a new drama series in the form of Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty on BINGE. 

A welcome reprieve for anyone who was invested in the Lakers horror season this year. 

Based on the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers, the new show portrays one of the sports’ most revered and dominant dynasties in sport, and arrives just in time for fans of the yellow and purple. 

For local non basketball fans it’s as iconic an era as the Betoota Dolphins Historic 1976-77 Double premiership run, and the Great 8 Queensland Origin dynasty. 

And as most people can agree, it was quite a time to be alive. 

So, for flat cap enthusiasts and Brodie haters, it’s some welcome relief to a torrid few months of basketball. 

This comes after current fans of arguably the most iconic team in Basketball (if you aren’t talking to Kiwis or Gen X white guys) looks like bombing out of the run for another title. 

After a terrible season, the Lakers sit 6 wins away from the 8th spot and face the prospect of a sudden-death game to even make the playoffs – a debacle that some people might claim should see someone fired…

However, there is now someone winning to be enjoyed, with a show about the team that changed the game of basketball forever.

“Fuck, I wish history lessons at school were acted out like this,” laughed Brenton Thomas, a 34-year-old accountant who always makes it clear he followed the Lakers PB (Pre-Bron). 

“And I wish the league was as loose as it was back in the 80s.”

“Damn that looks fun.” 

“I know it’s not him, but it’s wild seeing a young Magic.” 

“And a John C. Reilly not playing a Step Brothers style character.” 

“So yeah, after a tough year supporting the Lakers, I’m switching to BINGE and enjoying some Winning Time,” he laughed. 

“I was here pre-Lebron, and I’m still here post Westbrook so don’t call me a fairweather supporter alright.” 

This article was brought to you by the new drama series Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty. Start streaming at binge.com.au 


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