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After copping some major flak for not knowing the price of milk or bread, a determined Scott Morrison has decided to learn from his shortcomings, and pull up his big boy pants by finally stepping foot in the grocery store – with Jenny to guide him, of course.

Hopping into the SUV as he nervously clutched his apple pop, Scott had listened intently to Jenny’s assurances that grocery shopping wasn’t scary, nodding as she explained what aisles were and where they should meet if they got lost.

Though he’d almost run back to the car during the long walk through the parking lot, a brave Scott had gripped hard onto Jenny’s hand as he cowered under the stark brightness of the lights, his senses overcome by the strange new smells and waves of ice cold air conditioning.

“Now where do we meet if we get lost?” asks Jenny, allowing Scott to push the trolley.

“The concierge.” 

“And what do you say?”


“Jenny what?”

“Jenny Morrison.”

Giving him a comforting pat as she headed off to the butchers aisle, Jenny reminded Scott of the simple task to find milk and eggs, which he tried to remember, by repeating it aloud multiple times.


Unfortunately for Scott, his quick quest to find simple grocery items was met with a bump, when he returned to the butchers section to find that Jenny was no longer there – causing his anxiety to go into overdrive.


Scott was later seen balling his eyes out as he wandered along the cold section, before a kind elderly woman had taken his hand and led him to the concierge desk.

More to come.


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